CLANN - I Hold You

CLANN - I Hold You

  • House of Youth • 02-12-2017 • 22,495,733 views • 259,401 • 4,926

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With the release of “Seelie”, CLANN welcomes us back to the world of KIN Fables - a grand scale multimedia project captained by director/producer Seb McKinnon, encompassing original music and stunning short films. This is a visual/musical project, one as as melancholic as it is epic, as haunting as it is beautiful, with plans to culminate into a feature film (currently in late stages of development). The word clann comes from Old Irish, meaning family - indeed, the family of collaborators responsible for this odyssey returns with the signature ethereal vocals of Charlotte Oleena, as though singing words from an unknown or long forgotten language, and heart-wringing string performances by violinist Chloe Picard. With Seelie, they have refined their sound, while not losing touch with their cinematic arrangements, airy vocals, and trip hop/downtempo beats.

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