Dido - Best Live Acoustic Songs Collection Unplugged 2019

Dido - Best Live Acoustic Songs Collection Unplugged 2019

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00:00:00 Mad Love
00:02:29 Maybe It's Time (A Star Is Born cover)
00:05:10 Hurricanes
00:08:35 Chances
00:11:24 All You Want
00:15:56 Girl Who Got Away
00:19:14 End of Night
00:22:26 Smalltown Boy (Bronski Beat cover)
00:26:03 White Flag
00:29:32 My Lover's Gone
00:33:53 No Freedom
00:37:03 Life for Rent
00:40:47 Here With Me
00:45:20 Honestly OK
00:48:59 No Angel
00:52:46 My Live
00:55:38 Don't Think of Me
00:59:39 Afraid to Sleep
01:03:23 Thank You
01:07:59 Hunter
01:11:44 One Day Like This (Elbow cover)
01:16:08 Don't Leave Home
01:20:14 Don't Believe in Love
01:23:08 It Comes and It Goes
01:25:39 No Look Futher
01:28:17 Northern Skies

Dido has surprised both locals and strangers (to say the least) by publishing not only a fifth album when no one seemed to need it, but also one of the best songs of his career when no one seemed to expect it. Although 'Hurricanes' has gone unnoticed by the streaming platforms, while the charts have not even passed directly - the British then declared that it was a "buzz single", but it does not sneak in - this song that just starts with little more than the Dido's voice and an acoustic guitar to develop, little by little, a beautiful melody, and evolves little by little towards trip-hop, from where the rhythm takes off to finish in the skies, it is the unequivocal proof that Dido is still capable to compose songs as exciting as his first hits. Which was not at all clear with his previous album, 'Girl Who Got Away', which at least did leave us a small classic as it ended up being 'No Freedom', although part of its recognition is due to the version of Miley Cyrus . I daresay I've heard 'Hurricanes' more times in 3 months than all of Dido's previous record in 5 years.

If 'Hurricanes' has been a "grower" -the specialty of Dido-, so has the true main single of 'Still on My Mind', an album named because, says the author of 'White Flag', music "It's still in your mind" despite how often it takes to get an album. 'Give You Up' seemed like the typical weeping ballad that the British love so much, and although it may be, it is also one of Dido's songs that has best managed to balance its usual elegance with the affordable drama of an Adele. In the lyrics, the artist does not have the strength to pull a relationship forward, but what ends up bringing the subject to a magical place is his male chorus, which sounds spiritual and seems to accompany Dido in his affliction.

'Still on My Mind' contains more surprises. The Latin incursion of 'Hell After This', which includes trumpets (!), Is addictive, a true pop candy in a discography that, if it has been characterized by something, is by a repertoire of songs that have sought the dream, the element hypnotic, by flirting not only with the folk-pop of 'Thank You', but also with new age, hip-hop or various types of electronics. 'Stoned', the dance song from 'Life for Rent', which was notable for its intoxicated and urban environments, making up one of Dido's great masterpieces, seems to have an influence on the two dance songs on the album, 'Take You Home' and 'Friends' Both, with light pop-house rhythms, show that there is nothing wrong with Dido not ending the 90's.

'Some Kind of Love' is another highlight of this album that Dido has produced again with his brother Rollo Armstrong, who for a time was more famous than her as a member of Faithless. We are in front of a moving acoustic ballad, adorned with the rigorous oniric atmospheres, in which Dido is reunited with his youth through the old vinyl records that he keeps in his room. On the other hand, 'You Do not Need a God' is another good ballad next to the new age, which in this case talks about finding transcendence in mundane things.

The worst aspect of 'Still on My Mind' is that it suffers the classic disc syndrome whose first half is much better than the second, despite the fact that 'Friends' appears towards the end. For example, someone seems to have convinced Dido to make a tropical song and he has come out with a rather mediocre thing called 'Mad Love', while he is missing again a little more brio in some of the compositions included in this " B-side, "as the title track or 'Chances'. A disc more than worthy of Dido in any case, confirming what we already suspected, that that "greatest hits" of 2013 came too early.

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