David Gates & Bread Greatest Hits Love Songs - With Lyrics

David Gates & Bread Greatest Hits Love Songs - With Lyrics

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Bread Greatest Hits Love Songs Collection. David Gates Best Songs Music Playlist 2020.

Not your ordinary Bread music playlist. Featuring stunning intro clip, edited artist photos on each song, animated effects that bring sentimental feel and originally created thumbnail brought together for an all-in-one music playlist. All songs were allowed by copyright owners for viewing. Also includes song lyrics, you can now sing with your favorite band!

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[00:00] Intro
[00:10] 1) Make It With You
[03:21] 2) Everything I Own
[06:27] 3) Baby I'm A Want You
[08:53] 4) If
[11:27] 5) Aubrey
[15:05] 6) Diary
[18:12] 7) Lost Without Your Love
[21:06] 8) It Don't Matter To Me
[23:55] 9) Sweet Surrender
[26:30] 10) Never Let Her Go
[29:34] 11) I Can't Find The Words To Say Goodbye

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