VICTON BEING VICTON (aka my favourite moments)

VICTON BEING VICTON (aka my favourite moments)

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in conclusion stan victon
Hi everyone! This is my first Victon video! These boys make me so happy so I thought I wanted to share my favourites moments with you.

Most of the videos on youtube are older and don’t include moments from the last two eras so I thought I should add more of these.
The clips are HD when possible (not always, sorry).

Victon are literally some of the best people and most talented on this planet and people should start to acknowledge them more. I hope this video will make new people stan them - and if you already knew them, enjoy as well!
They have been through dark times last year so I’m so happy they have started to be successful and got two wins. They always say it’s because of Alice (fans) but we know how hard they’ve worked and how much they’ve suffered to achieve these results. I hope their future from now on will be even brighter!!

This video took me an eternity to make (even if it doesn’t seem) so I kindly ask you not to take any clips. I can give you any information though, if you need: shows and videos where the clips are from, series you have to watch, music you have to listen to… just ask me!
I don’t own any clip, they come from videos, vlives, shows and series.

Have fun!

P. S. this is my sejun+subin crack video check it out for a good laugh

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