Oldedalen from Stryn (Norway) - Indoor Cycling Training

Oldedalen from Stryn (Norway) - Indoor Cycling Training

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About Oldedalen from Stryn
Oldedalen is a picturesque valley in Western Norway. To get to the valley you ride from Stryn along a beautiful fjord with snowy mountains in the background. As you get to the town of Olden you turn off the main road and venture into one of the most beautiful valleys on the planet, Oldedalen (Valley of the Old). You ride along two azure-colored lakes full of water from the nearby glaciers and waterfalls. On your way, you ride through a few tunnels, one of them very long and scary. In a distance, you can see glaciers and a huge waterfall. The further you venture into the valley, the better it gets. The ride ends in Jostedalsbreen National Park, the largest glacier area in continental Europe. The ride to Oldedalen is easy. But the last segment of the ride has double-digit gradients and is quite difficult compared to the rest of the ride.

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Just add music:
Most cyclists would agree that the ride to Col du Tourmalet is awesome. But when it comes to music opinions are very mixed. This is why we recommend adding your favorite music. It is quite simple. Mute YouTube and open a browser window. Find a site that offers music (Spotify, YouTube, etc…) and pick the music you like, and enjoy the ride... The original sound of the ride has been left out. This is because the natural sound of the surroundings is drowned by noise from passing cars, vibrations from the road, wind, and the rider's breathing.

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