CHUNG HA 청하 'Gotta Go (벌써 12시)' Official MV

CHUNG HA 청하 'Gotta Go (벌써 12시)' Official MV

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청하 (CHUNG HA) - "벌써 12시" Music Video

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청하 두번째 싱글 '벌써12시' 공식 뮤직 비디오
CHUNG HA's 2nd single 'Gotta Go' Official Music Video

청하의 두번째 싱글 "벌써 12시 (Gotta Go)" 는 파워풀한 드럼비트위에 중독적이면서 매혹적인 flute 사운드가 매력적인 EDM곡으로 지금까지 Tropical한 느낌과는 반대로 섹시하면서도 감각적인 청하의 보컬과 “아쉬워 벌써 12시”라는 메인 테마의 가사처럼 적극적이면서 도발적인 청하의 또 다른 매력을 느낄수있다.

Ever since CHUNG HA started her solo career a year and a half ago, she has continually stayed on top of the charts and released 3 EP albums: Hands on Me, Offset, and Blooming Blue.

The first EP Hands on Me proves her multifaceted talent as she reaches out to the world, the second EP Offset reveals both charms of her on and off stage life, and the third EP Blooming Blue feels like a refreshing summer breeze reflecting the artist’s vibrant and cool vibe.

Unlike the previous albums, the digital single Gotta Go expresses a new mature and bold color of CHUNG HA that has never been shared before.

“Gotta Go” is a second collaboration with Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Goon, the team behind 1 million streamed track “Roller Coaster.” The infectious track starts with a vivacious flute melody and continues to entrap the listeners with a strong rhythm and rich vocals, making it an addictive EDM single of the year.

This digital single outlines the reluctant lovers parting ways before midnight and it will fulfill the expectation of fans who have been waiting for CHUNG HA’s comeback.

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