Funny Comedian Karcocha in Barcelona.

Funny Comedian Karcocha in Barcelona.

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One good video about the funny comedy of Karcocha. This original video was created for you by and there is an original digital signature in the video and the audio. The main idea is to make our world a little better, interesting and more happy.

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Official pages of this comedian are:
Facebook: Karcocha Street Art
Youtube: El Karcocha Oficial

There are the special people who can create a positive atmosphere in any possible situation. Karcocha is one of those special people. He is one of the wonderful artists who have an ability to create a smile on the face of the people in the streets. In this funny video we can see the funny skills of Karcocha.

The comedy is an interesting form of art. There is more creative freedom in the space of the comedy. The funny clowns can break the limits of culture. The funny comedians can break the limits of the social borders that are keeping us in the mental limitation. The comedy can be also be a good therapy for the emotional pain. When we create the funny jokes, then we change our internal emotions.

The emotions are in control of our actions. When we feel happy, then we are able to do the positive things that are helping us to build a better future. The jokes and the smile are like the fuel for our soul. We want to be happy, we want to smile and to laugh as much as possible. The ability to create the smiles is like a gift to the soul. We can be very happy that Karcocha is creating a lot of smiles in the faces of the people. He is changing the mood for the millions of people who see his funny comedy on the Internet. This comedy can lead to the positive change in the world.

The comedy can heal depression. The jokes and the entertainment are like a therapy for the mind. The funny people are like the angels of the good emotions among us. We find new hope and the new inspiration for life, when we are happy. The jokes of the Karcocha can make us happy. He has a very special talent for creating funny jokes in the different situations on the street. The improvisation is the special ability of Karcocha. The jokes are sometimes similar, and sometimes they are special and unique.

The creation of the comedy is one of the highest forms of art. The jokes can be funny, or the jokes can be very funny too. The very funny jokes do require a high level of creativity or intelligence, which is the same. The understanding of the jokes does require the creativity too. The comedian has to understand the audience and the culture of the audience. Some jokes are very good, they are funny for almost all the people. Other jokes only work well, when we understand the culture and the situation.

Karcocha uses his voice, but his jokes are very easy to understand, even without the words. The character of the Karcocha is a very funny man who is making the jokes about the people who walk on the street. The jokes are harmless most of the time. He does not force the people to be the part of the joke, if they do not want to. The jokes are short and very funny for the people too, if they are able to make a joke about themselves.

The egoistic people can not make a joke about their own personality. The happy people do understand that we all have our personal limits and that we are not perfect in any way. The humble people are able to make a joke about their own mind. Karcocha likes to create the funny jokes that are connected to the stereotypes and the cultural standards. When we can laugh about out own culture, then we can break free from the limitations of this culture. Very often our culture does create many limits for our own mind, when we can not break the traditions or the limits that were set for us by our ancestors. The jokes and the comedy can help us to move beyond the culture that is not relevant in our modern life. We can be very glad that Karcocha is helping us to become more happy and less strict about our perception of reality.

Good health and the happy long life to you !

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