Itaewon Class OST | 이태원 클라쓰 [FULL ALBUM]

Itaewon Class OST | 이태원 클라쓰 [FULL ALBUM]

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Itaewon Class - The Best Korean Drama in 2020!
Tomorrow is the finale for Itaewon class!
To avoid being late, we are sharing the full ITAEWON CLASS OST album with you. If you haven’t already started watching this series, it’s a definite must-watch! Let's check this out.
Which song you like the most? Share us your thought!


00:00 #01- 이찬솔 (Lee Chan Sol) - Still Fighting It
05:14 #02- 가호 (Gaho) - 시작 | Start
08:35 #03- 하현우 (Ha hyun woo) - 돌덩이 | Stone Block
12:05 #04- Sondia - 우리의 밤 | Our Souls at Night
16:43 #05- 김우성 - You Make Me Back
19:55 #06- 김필 (Kim Feel) - 그때 그 아인|Someday, The Boy
24:38 #07_1- Sondia - 우린 친구뿐일까
28:24 #07_2- Sondia - Maybe
32:06 #08- 윤미래 (Yoonmirae) - Say
36:27 #09- VERIVERY - With Us
40:43 #10- 더베인 (The Vane) - 직진 | Straight
43:45 #11- Crush - 어떤 말도 | No Words
48:11 #12- V (BTS) - Sweet Night
51:40 #13- 데이먼 (Damon) - Brand New Way

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